Hmmm.  Interesting.  Part 2 made it, but not part one.

Part 1:

> You never think about how to test and potentially falsify your theories do
> you.  Which makes these discussions fruitless.
> Brent

Did you stop reading there???  It got better!  Especially once I got
past the Cooper quotes.

So I'm not arguing against the Standard Model, of which I take an
instrumentalist view.

Rather, I'm arguing against the metaphysical position known as
Physicalism.  Is physicalism falsifiable?

I seem to recall that you believe that an external indeterministic
physical world exists independently of your observations, where events
transpire according to some kind of necessity.  Yes?  No?

But, this belief isn't entailed by methodological naturalism.  It's a
leap of faith.

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