Buongiorno, Everything List!

     I have been lurking here since mid-2009, and had hoped to have a better 
intellectual foundation to support me before I posted anything of my own, but I 
would really like to ask this question.

     Giulio Tononi's Integrated Information Theory (IIT) states that 
consciousness is integrated information.  In "Consciousness as Integrated 
Information: a Provisional Manifesto" he writes, referring to the sensor chip 
a digital camera:

     "In reality, however, the chip is not anintegrated entity: since its 1 
million photodiodes have no wayto interact, each photodiode performs its own 
local discriminationbetween a low and a high current completely independent of 
whatevery other photodiode might be doing. In reality, the chipis just a 
collection of 1 million independent photodiodes, eachwith a repertoire of two 
states. In other words, there is nointrinsic point of view associated with the 
camera chip as awhole. This is easy to see: if the sensor chip were cut into1 
million pieces each holding its individual photodiode, theperformance of the 
camera would not change at all."

     Considering this, can consciousness be Turing emulable?  That is, can a 
Turing machine integrate information?  I want to expand my question here, but I 
don't have the knowledge to do so without distracting from the main question 
asking.  So, all I can say is, details greatly appreciated!

     - Allen

Consciousness as Integrated Information: a Provisional Manifesto (Tononi G 

Qualia: The Geometry of Integrated Information (Balduzzi D, Tononi G 2009):

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