On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 3:40 AM, John Mikes <jami...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Stathis,
> my imagination does not run that high. If I imagine myself as an alien
> scientist, I would be self centered (pretentious?) enough to imagine that I
> know more about those stupid humans and don't have to experiment on computer
> - THEN on the real stuff, to LEARN how they are. I would know.
> I don't 'imagine' myself such a stupid alien scientist (ha ha).
> The fact that such an 'alien scientist' (a-sc) LEARNED about humans - and we
> just imagine such (a-sc) - is proof enough that THEY are above us in mental
> capabilities. So it sounds weird to me to 'imagine' a smarter mind for
> ourselves how it would appraise us.

The alien scientist example was to eliminate any preconceptions about
mind. The scientist is technically competent and is merely attempting
to model the behaviour of the brain - the trajectories of the atoms
within it. I assume you think that such an attempt would fail, that
although some processes in the brain such as chemistry and the
behaviour of electric fields can be modelled, there are other
processes that can't be modelled. What processes are these, and what
evidence do you have that they exist?

> ANother question: do you find it reasonable that such (a-sc) will condone
> all those figments of our human existence which we live with (e.g. food,
> human logical questions/answers, etc.)? even our material-figmented physical
> world?

They may or they may not. I am assuming for the sake of this example
that they do not consider such questions at all, but only the
mechanics of human behaviour. Like us trying to understand the
behaviour of a cyclone, which is separate from the question of whether
the cyclone has good or bad effects or indeed whether the cyclone has
some sort of mind.

> We, humans, are a peculiar kind, in our so far evolved mini-solipsism of the
> world we are even less informed that possible, closed in into our 'mindset'
> of yesterday (I think we agreed on that on this list) and our imagination
> can work also only WITHIN. (With few very slowly achievable
> extensions/expansions that will be added to 'yesterday's' inventory.)
> Even if we pretend to free-up and step beyond - as in 'fantastic' sci-fi.
> John M

Stathis Papaioannou

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