On 14 Jul 2011, at 14:39, Craig Weinberg wrote:

I don't want to talk about inner experience. I want to talk about my fundamental reordering of the cosmos, which if it were correct, would be staggeringly important and I have not seen anywhere else: Mind and body are not merely separate, but perpendicular topologies of the same ontological continuum of sense.
Could you define "perpendicular topologies"? You say you don't study math, so why use mathematical terms (which seems non sensical for a mathematicians, unless you do a notion of set of topologies with some scalar products, but then you should give it.

The interior of electromagnetism is sensorimotive, the interior of determinism is free will, and the interior of general relativity is perception.
What do you mean by interior of electromagnetism.

Quantum Mechanics is a misinterpretation of atomic quorum sensing.
This seems like non sense.

Time, space, and gravity are void. Their effects are explained by perceptual relativity and sensorimotor electromagnetism.

The "speed of light" c is not a speed it's a condition of nonlocality or absolute velocity, representing a third state of physical relation as the opposite of both stillness and motion.

It's not about meticulous logical deduction, it's about grasping the largest, broadest description of the cosmos possible which doesn't leave anything out. I just want to see if this map flies, and if not, why not?

Anyway, you seem to presuppose some physicalness, and so by the UDA reasoning, you need a physics and a cognitive science with (very special) infinities. This seems to make the mind body problem (MB), and its formulation, artificially more complex, without motivation. Without an attempt to make things clearer I can hardly add anything. Perhaps understanding the MB problem in the comp context might help you to formulate it in some non-comp context.



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