>No it is worst, I'm afraid. I hope you don't mind when I am being
>frank. In fundamental matter, you have to explain things from scratch.
>Nothing can be taken for granted, and you have to put your assumptions
>on the table, so that we avoid oblique comments and vocabulary

No,  I don't mind frankness at all. I'm trying not to assume anything
if I can help it. I'm just correlating all common phenomena in the
cosmos in a simple form which focuses on their symmetry, and I think
accurately explains the relation of consciousness (or meta-perception,
which is meta-sensorimotive experience) to electromagnetic patterns in
the brain, and by extension, to explain Relativity as the
perceptibility of matter in general.

>You say yourself that you don't know if you talk literally or
>figuratively. That's says it all, I think. You should make a choice,
>and work from there.

It's not my intention to make a good theory, it's my intention to
describe the cosmos as it actually is.  The cosmos is both literal and
figurative, and I believe it's quality of literalness and
figurativeness is part of the same continuum of objectivity-
subjectivity, discrete-compact, nihilistic existence-solipsistic
essence, etc. I don't know if it's useful to postulate a literal
topology when half of the continuum is figurative and experiential. It
seems like it would lead to a misunderstanding, but at the same time,
I believe that it is perpendicular ontologically just not in the sense
that the two topologies could be modeled in space as perpendicular
regions. One of the topologies is perpendicular to the idea of space

>This shows mainly that, with comp, the mind-body problem is two times
>more complex than what people usually think. Not only we have to
>explain qualia/consciousness from the number, but we have to explain
>quanta/matter from the numbers too.

I think the mind-body problem is resolved in my topology. It's simple.
Qualia and quanta are both elemental intersecting topologies which
meet on one end as maximally dimorphic (ie our ordinary, mundane
perception of subjective self vs external objects) and on the other
end as profoundly indistinguishable (quantum mechanics, shamanism
produce logical dualisms, monastic detachment). Qualia scales up as
perception, quanta scales up as relativity. They are the same meta
organizing principle: sensorimotive electromagnetism squaring itself.


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