On 31.07.2011 19:12 Stephen P. King said the following:
On 7/31/2011 1:19 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:


Your ice fire makes no heat, consumes no fuel.
Not externally, but it would internally.
I understand why that makes sense, but it's incorrect. Heat cannot
be simulated and it cannot be generated by an abstraction. There is
no numerical formula which can create heat in and of itself.


Hi Guys,

Strangely enough, our best explanation of heat tells us that heat is
a statistical properties of the motions of molecules. How is that?

You can formally define heat in classical thermodynamics as well, for example

dQ = dU + dW

Well, the First Law is used to define the internal energy, but there is a trick. You start with an adiabatic process then you have the internal energy through the pure work and then you can go for the heat.

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