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> > Sounds ok to me, although I would still say that the cosmos is more
> > than just information. I think of Sense (+chance) as the invariance
> > (+variance) between Essence (significance) and Existence (entropy).
> > Which would make Significance (information) the variance between Sense
> > and Existence. Entropy then would be the variance between Sense and
> > Essence, ie, what is not made significant through time is lost to
> > entropy.
>      Of course. That information has to have a referent or at best it is
> just randomness. But have you ever noticed that one thing about noise is
> that you cannot distinguish one kind of noise from another (up to
> isomorphisms of its power law scaling). It does seem to violate that
> 'difference that makes a difference"...

Hi Stephen,

The idea of noise being indistinguishable from other noise I might
attribute to perception. Like if your perception made all of history
available to you as a single simultaneous information space, so that
you could see how any particular set of noise came about, wouldn't
that make noise just a ciphered appearance for phenomena outside of
possible recognition rather than an absolute, objective
informationlessness. All noise would be equal given that they are all
part of the set of patterns which cannot be recognized in any way.


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