On Sep 30, 11:26 am, benjayk <benjamin.jaku...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> COMP is the attempt to solve the mind-body problem with basing everything on
> computations. But then one 3-thing remains uncomputable, and undefined,
> namely the very foundation of computations. We can define computations in
> terms of numbers relations, and we can define number relations in terms of
> +,*,N. But what is N? It is 0 and all it's successors. But what is 0? What
> are successors? They have to remain undefined.

They are sensorimotive phenomenology. Gestural essences experienced by
a human psyche, communicated through laryngeal grunts or scratches in
the sand, tracings of ink or graphite on bleached wood pulp, indexed
binary registers embossed onto doped silicon, but ultimately decoded
as circuits of sense: expectations strung out into elegant webs of
refractory logics of satisfaction. They are hallucinations we can
share with each other, and with inanimate objects selected for their
precision of compliance. That is what numbers are. Sensemaking grooves
which we share with other worlds.


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