Craig Weinberg <> Wrote:

" Consciousness can change behavior but it might not have to. Like a possum
> can play dead."

So if something passes the Turing Test it is intelligent and probably
conscious, but failure to pass the Turing Test tells you nothing for
certain. Rocks don't act intelligently and so fail the test, we conclude
that rocks are probably not conscious, but maybe just maybe rocks are
brilliant and as conscious as you or me and are just playing possum. Maybe,
logically it can't be ruled out, but I rather doubt it.

" You decide whether to slow down or not."

And you made that decision for a reason or you did not.

" Whether you do slow down or not is random"

OK, then there was a reason and its deterministic.

" all of these things - teleportation, diamond impersonation, etc are no
less unlikely than consciousness. [...] There is no way that mutation could
produce that unless those things were already possible to produce."

Yes, Evolution could not produce a perpetual motion machine, and in fact it
could not even come up with things far more mundane, like a macroscopic
part that can move in 360 degrees. Evolution is a blundering inefficient
and very stupid process, it's just that until the invention of brains it
was the only way complex things could get built. Nevertheless Evolution
managed to produce consciousness and probably first did so more than 500
million years ago; I conclude that producing consciousness is not that
difficult, intelligence on the other hand is an entirely different story

" Life has no reason to evolve from non-life."

I doubt if that is true, but if it is then life evolved from non-life at

" How can mutation produce consciousness if consciousness was not already a
> potential?"

I never said there wasn't a potential. If consciousness is the way data
feels like when it is processed I'd say that is a potential. And I can see
absolutely no reason why 3 pounds of grey goo can make use of that
potential but a microcircuit can not.

" Your answer is that it must have since consciousness exists and evolution
> is responsible for all properties of life."

Consciousness MUST be a byproduct of intelligence or it would not exist,
but I know for a fact that at least one conscious being does exist in the

" But my whole point is that awareness is inherent"

Then why can't a computer be aware? Why is wet grey goo the only thing that
can take advantage of this interesting potential?

  John K Clark

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