On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 07:33:13PM +0100, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:
> I have nothing against Adami's book as such. His description of his
> software avida and his experiments with it are okay. My point was
> about his claim that his work has something to do with
> thermodynamics. It is definitely not. The thermodynamic entropy is
> not there. The quotes from the book displays this pretty clear.
> You have written about "an analogous role". I would not object if

Chris uses the word analogy to connect mutation and temperature. But
not between information and entropy.

> you say that there is an analogy between the thermodynamic entropy
> and information. Yet, I am against the statement that the
> thermodynamic entropy is information and I believe that I have given
> many examples that show this. Thermodynamic entropy is not
> subjective and not context dependent*, so my claim is that Adami
> does not understand what the thermodynamic entropy is. He has never
> taken a class in experimental thermodynamics, this is the problem.

I can't speak for Chris, but somehow I doubt that very much.

> * I would accept the notation that the entropy is context dependent
> in a sense that its definition depends on the thermodynamics theory.
> If we change the theory, then the entropy could have some other
> meaning. But it seems not what you have meant.

It is true that in thermodynamics, there is usually little argument
about what the macroscopic variables are. As a consequence, entropy is
essentially an objective quantity, and the context fades into the

But even between (micro-/grand-) canonical ensembles, there are subtle
differences between what macroscopic variables are significant, hence
difference between the entropies, which vanish in the thermodynamic


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