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> To me the logic of trinity is perverse in the same extent as quantum

Perverse it may be but it's not my business to judge what quantum
does in private when nobody is looking, that's up to quantum
mechanics and
the electron, but the point is that love it or hate it the logic of
mechanics works, it makes correct predictions on how the world works
and if
you don't like it complain to the universe not me. But the logic of the
trinity does nothing and is just brain dead dumb.

John K Clark

You are wrong. With the trinity logic you can find for example an
answer why human language allows us to describe events that has
happened long before the life has been created.

A remarkable discovery. The ancient Egyptians and Babylonians (and the
present day Muslims) were unable to describe events before life on Earth
(but maybe there was life elsewhere?). Or maybe you just refer to ex
falso quodlibet, so by logic 1=3 implies anything at all.


For the development of science, it is necessary to have a believe that equations discovered by a human mind could be used for the whole history of Universe. At that time, this belief came from trinity.

The logic of trinity is more complex, it concerns that words can explain Nature. I will report on this more, when I will work out Collingwood's An Essay on Metaphysics. Roughly speaking "In the Beginning was the Word". The trinity, by the way, is not the invention of Christianity, it comes from ancient times.

You have mentioned that you have another explanation why neuron nets not only obey the physical laws but they also can comprehend the physical laws. Could you please sketch it?

I don't recall making such a claim, but assuming brains are instances of neural nets it's pretty clear that 'comprehend' means to implement input/output functions that are useful for survival and reproduction. Inventing mathematically consistent descriptions of physical processes (aka "physical laws") is very useful in survival and reproduction. Hence neural nets evolve to comprehend physical laws.



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