I’ve just read the following paper :


which argues that it is possible to avoid the descent into decrepitude
that seems to follow from the quantum theory of immortality (QTI).
Aranyosi argues that this is plausible on the grounds that any death
branch would be preceded by an unconsciousness branch.  Under normal
QTI circumstances, if we were Schrödinger’s cat we would come across
the (3p) node  (L= Lives, D= Dies):


To see the cat’s (1p), view we discard the DDDD branch, but we will
more than likely be harmed at each branch and therefore become more

If I understand it correctly, and keeping things simple, Aranyosi
seems to be arguing that, by assuming that unconsciousness precedes a
death branch, then for 3p we have two types of branching: (where
C=Conscious, U = unconscious). First a triple branch:

                                   D DDDX
                                   C CCCCCCC

And also a double branch:


Any combinations of these can be put together by matching U’s or C’s
to make a tree.

A  1p  subjective experience comes by discarding all branches that
have death D preceded by U.  Hence the first type of diagram would
never be experienced and the cat sees only the C to C/U branching.
You can join two of the second type of diagram – a CUC route simply
being sleep or fainting or anaesthetic etc.

I would argue though that U can still occur if one suffers significant
physical damage and hence decrepitude still follows?

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