On Thursday, June 14, 2012 7:01:45 PM UTC-4, Brent wrote:
If you turn that understanding around though, you will solve the hard 

The micro-state description has lots of information missing, but the 
absence is in a form that you need a macroscopic human observer (with or 
without a camera) to record. When you look to the micro you get a lot of 
low quality but precise data. When you look at the macro you get less data 
but it has much more meaning and aesthetic value to the observer. 

What your view is missing is that it takes for granted that the micro, 
distant, a-signifying presentation is not a presentation at all, but rather 
just the totality of what 'simply is'. When we focus on that 
hyper-realization of objects, we get a worldview which necessarily 
de-personalizes the subject. We disqualify and discard the universe of 
'information' that 'seems like' it might be, based on the momentum of 
history which is still recovering from the excesses of worldviews which 
hyper-personalize the object and de-realize the subject.

If you look at my diagram, I am integrating information as a two part 
phenomenon - inform and form. I think this solves the explanatory gap as 
the space between 'Sense' and 'Inform' denotes the symbol grounding problem 
where the stream of sense input may or may not match the capacity of the 
system to be informed by it - as you say 'not in a form you can record with 
a camera.' Human emotion is information which is not in a form you can 
record with silicon.

The micro state is what I call 'lower caste' relative to our higher caste 
anthropological world. The lower castes are available to the higher castes 
but described in mechanistic, generic terms. Castes that are higher than 
our own, by contrast, appear to us as uncanny synchronizations and 
coincidences, as well as super-signifying icons and archetypes, cliches, 
narratives, etc.

> It has lots of information - just not in a form you can record with a 
> camera.
>  the warm water by itself has higher averaged physical entropy over the 
duration of the movie, but very little information entropy and I wind up 
with a small file output.

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