Physics and Tautology.
Where did the masses for ‘ big bang ‘ come from ?
These masses came from surrounding space.
Where did these  masses from surrounding space come from ?
These masses came from ‘big bang’.
Why is he  poor ?
Because he is stupid.
Why is he stupid?
Because he is poor.
 The  ‘big bang’ doesn’t give answer to the question:
where did  the  mass come from ?
To understand this we need go out from ‘ big bang’ .
But ‘ the big bang  theory is an effort to explain what happened
at the very beginning of our universe. Prior to that moment there
 was nothing;’
So, . . where do we go out ?
Israel  Socratus.


So, . . where do we go out ?
If we go out of mass then it can be only one possibility -
- we will enter into an empty space.
‘ A world without masses, without electrons, without an
electromagnetic field is an empty world. Such an empty
world is flat. But if masses appear, if charged particles
appear, if an electromagnetic field appears then our world
becomes curved. Its geometry is Riemannian, that is,
non- Euclidian.’
/ Book ‘Albert Einstein’ The page 116 . by Leopold Infeld. /


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