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> I have no difficulty asserting this statement as well. See:

> "Benjamin Jakubik cannot consistently assert this sentence" is true.

Benjamin Jakubik cannot consistently assert the following sentence without
demonstrating that there is something he can't consistently assert but a
computer can:

"'Benjamin Jakubik cannot consistently assert this sentence' is true."

If the sentence is true then Benjamin Jakubik cannot consistently assert
this sentence , if the sentence is false then Benjamin Jakubik is asserting
something that is untrue. Either way Benjamin Jakubik cannot assert all
true statements without also asserting false contradictory ones. That is a
limitation that both you and me and any computer have.

"The point is that there is no way for the computer to determine either
> question (mine or yours), without relying on us."

Please explain how replacing the words " Benjamin Jakubik" with "the
computer" in the sentence in question or any other makes a fundamental

> The universe is fine, it just cannot be caputured computationally.

Perhaps the entire universe cannot be captured computationally but you can
be. You have not demonstrated that the computer has fundamental limitations
that you do not. Whatever challenge you throw at the computer it can just
change the words "computer" to "Benjamin Jakubik" and throw a equally
challenging sentence right back at you. The situation is completely

 John K Clark

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