Stathis wrote (to Craig):

*"But you believe that the neurochemicals do things contrary to what
chemists would predict, for example an ion channel opening or closing
without any cause such as a change in transmembrane potential or
ligand concentration. We've talked about this before and it just isn't
consistent with any scientific evidence. You interpret the existence
"spontaneous neural activity" as meaning that something magical like
this happens, but it doesn't mean that at all."*

Stathis, you *know *... whatever we state as 'knowledge about mind etc.' is
explanation for the little we think we learned - with lots we have no idea
Like: chemicals ... potentials ... scientific evidence ... even cause
(meaning the
part we alredy know about) and mauch much more.
It is your turf, you must know about more we don't know only think we do.

John M

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