Hi John,

    Thank you for you wise remarks. ;-) I hope we can weed out the errors

On 9/30/2012 5:10 PM, John Mikes wrote:
Dear Stephen (Brent, Alberto, plus plus plus)
with a discussion so long that my arthritic fingers stopped scrolling down - on EVOLUTION - back and forth. I resent the word because it points to a forward-looking *_aim_* to reach SOME end (whatever that may be) - coming at best as a remnant from religious-like ways of thinking. I consider the 'change' involved as outcome of a non-random transformational process under pressures partially knowable and partially not, as influences from the infinite complexity, the background of our 'world'. The 'givens' are unrestricted, natural selection is an artifact of compliance with circumstances WITHIN the model WE consider for us. Lots of good ideas in the discussion - with lots of erroneous conclusions. The variety of Everything exceeds our imagination and every item participates unlimitedly on its own. The 'perfect' engineering is a variant of the human animal's mindwork, definitely not the only and not the best.
Wheel? good idea.
Can it perform a sidestep for safety, as a foot does? no.
I apply the word "almost" to characterise the quality of human technology. We are missing the still unknown from our applicable inventory and do not even 'imagine' how and in what form that infinite part may "work(?)".
I say: "relations". Are these agents?
When in my 'body' (undefined!) trillion cells and 100trillion microbes cooperate as a society and I feel like 'myself', every one item is subject to attraction/repulsion in activity in more aspects than we MAY know.
We know more than we can take and less than necessary.
My solution in my (scientific?) agnosticism is: I dunno.
Keeps me from drawing faulty conclusions and erecting theories that do not fit (later on to be corrected, like: dark matter/energy/mass etc. - or the 'unflat' Earth).



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