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> > Hi Evgenii Rudnyi 
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> > I know that, but his theory of electromagnetism is a physical theory, 
> > even if it's hard to pin down the extension property. 
> > 
> > Physical theories can tell us nothing about philosophy or mind or God, 
> > since they cannot deal with meaning. Physics is meaningless.  

> You are ideologically committed to say this. Another position is that 
> physics is the source of mind and hence all meaning. 

To me the obvious solution is that the capacity to discern between 
subjective and objective sense is clearly more primitive than either 
physics or God. Physics or Arithmetic alone has no reason to make a mind, 
and God alone has no manifestation without some manner of experiencing his 
own awareness and will.

Maxwell was right, he just was ahead of his time. His quote "‘*There is 
action and reaction between body and soul, but it is not of a kind in which 
energy passes from the one to the other,—as when a man pulls a trigger it 
is the gunpowder that projects the bullet, or when a pointsman shunts a 
train it is the rails that bear the thrust*.’" Is precisely, and I mean 
exactly what my model suggests. "*not of a kind in which energy passes from 
the one to the other"*. What he was reaching for here, I am certain, is 
what I have found in the anomalous symmetry of sense modalities. 
Electromagnetism is the extended view from the outside in - public 
orientation which is indirect, while sensorimotor phenomenology is the 
intended view from the inside out - private orientation which is direct. 

To understand how subjectivity and objectivity work together, we have to 
work both from the outside in and the inside out, starting from the middle, 
which is the event horizon where time 'folds' into space and the personal 
folds into the impersonal. Perception.

The obstacles to this are that we mistake the impersonal (functions of 
bodies in space, cells, molecules) for the personal (feelings, experiences, 
qualia) so that we are compelled to explain one in terms of the other 
rather than seeing them as the simultaneous juxtapositions of each other. 
We conflate our lack of awareness of sub-personal experiences with the 
complexity of micro-impersonal functions. We think that the cell is 
producing the qualia that we see, or that the ideal of the qualia is 
meaninglessly represented by the functions of the cell, but the truth is 
that qualia is not produced, it is experienced. We aren't the experience of 
our brain any more than these words are the experience of your screen 
pixels. We are the experience *through *the human brain, body, family, 
species, planet, cells, molecules, etc. It's a completely other side of the 
universe and it works in exactly the opposite way of 'physics' or 
mathematics but at the same time physics and mathematics are only the 
impersonal, extended version of it. Physics and mathematics are logical, 
generic, universal, mechanistic, public, spatiotemporal. Subjectivity is 
trans-rational, signifying, proprietary, animistic, private. Can't anyone 
see that they are clearly juxtaposed as perpendicular conjugates?


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> Stathis Papaioannou 

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