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> I would never claim there is no relationship between numbers and
> geometry, I claim that there is no function which geometry serves for
> arithmetic.

Pythagoras discovered and proved his famous theorem using geometry, only
later was it expanded into the world of numbers.

>> There is certainly a connection between the patterns of neurons in a
>> composer's brain and the patterns of sound he produces, if Beethoven were
>> given Crack his neurons would fire differently and his symphonies would
>> also be different.
> >A correlation among patterns in brain activity and acoustic vibration
> does not imply that vibrations in the air turn into an experience of sound.

There is a test to determine which of our competing claims is true. Lets
monitor a composers brain, say John Williams, and see if Crack makes the
neurons in his brain fire in a atypical manner, if it does let him compose
some music under the influence of Crack. Then we bring in a panel of music
critics and ask them if the new composition is in Williams typical style.
Do you really think they will say it sounds just like the Star Wars theme?

> A computer is a collection of switches,


 > but it is only a collection in our imagination.


 > The switches don't know that they are part of a collection.

Yes, and a neuron in your brain doesn't know it's part of a collection.

> They don't know there is a computer

And a neuron doesn't know there is a brain.

> Computers are great at doing very boring things very quickly.

That's why people are so bored with computers, boring computers like Xbox's
and iPones and Blu Ray players and iPods.

"Nyeaaah...What's up Doc?"


  John K Clark

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