On 12/3/2012 8:46 AM, John Clark wrote:

    > If the information is not recorded, e.g. the photon is absorbed or is 
just let
    travel off to infinity the interference is lost.

That is incorrect, you've got it backward. If the information on what slit the electron went through is not recorded, that is to say if you DON'T know what slit the electron went through then you DO see a interference pattern.

That's where you're wrong; read the paper more carefully. If you record the which-way the interference is lost. But *also* if you don't record it, if nobody records it and the photon just flies off to infinity or is absorbed in the wall, the interference is lost. The interference pattern occurs *only* if the which way information is *erased*, e.g. by placing the lens so that which ever slit it went through it is focused to the same point.

The important difference is that consciousness or human knowledge does not have some extra-physical effect in destroying the interference pattern. The interference pattern is lost just because the information is "out there"; whether anybody knows about it or records it or not.


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