On 11/28/2012 2:05 PM, John Clark wrote:

    > Same with the two slits: QM describes the two different outcomes of the 

Yes QM predicts the photon will hit here or there with a certain probability, but afterward the measurement produces only one outcome, as can be seen when we develop the photographic plate and see only one point not two, its a point right there plain as day with no doubt whatsoever. Your theory predicts "or", it says there will be one and only one result so all I want to know is what that result is, was the outcome of the measurement, W or M?

That's crux of the matter, Bruno (and most people on this "Everything" list) think that the photon hits in many different places, but these events happen in different 'worlds' per Hugh Everett's interpretation of QM. The point of Bruno's argument is to show how this kind of QM could be realized by a computation that computes everything computable (i.e. the Universal Dovetailer). It's called an 'Everything' list because of this assumption that, in some sense, everything (possible, mathematical, computable,...) happens.

P.S. I don't share this assumption - I consider it, at best, an interesting 

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