On 12/18/2012 9:38 AM, Roger Clough wrote:
Stephen King has sent the following link(s) at the bottom,
which I am very thankful for, since they suggest many similarites
between the idealistic (inextended) domain of the monads and
the quantum domain.  I believe they are identical,

Dear Roger,

I agree 100%! This is what I have been hoping that you would see as soon as you joined the List and began discussing the monadology. ;-)


(a) Both are nonphysical (inextended), both being outside
of spacetime, since time and space are absent.
Thus operations there are:
(b) Nonlocal (entangled)

(c) Instantaneous

(d) Collective --Possible at two or monads (quantum states)
     at the same time.

(d) is true only for Bosonic modes of monads (as QM systems). The Fermion-Boson modality is a very interesting addition to this revisioning of the Monadology. I see it as allowing a way to solve the PEH problem in a novel way.

IMHO These are simply different ways of saying the same
thing. For the nonphysical, where time and space are absent, all
operations are entangled (collective and simultaneous).

I see space and time as, respectively, the order of simultaneous givens and of sequentially givens of the percepts of monads. They emerge from the statistics of entanglements between many monads and need not be considered as existing a priori.

Quantum Information Theory, 
for understand quantum computing, which is the principal  means of locking or 
encypherment codes.

This other link also is important to understand the quantum basis of life, mind 
and intelligence:


which shows the inportance of quantum computing in life processes.
I would include here mind and intelligience, these being .

    Right. I highly recommend all of the work of Vlatko Vedral on this.




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