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> St: --Are you unsure if you're conscious?--

*No, I am human, so I "THINK" I am sure. That is no evidence. See my note
to your next * *remark:*
   St: --Do you deny that there is even an APPEARANCE of an
association or supervenience
or causation?--

*Of course not! appearance, or imagination are human treats. *
*We assign them to the already absorbed world-knowledge at all times (from
the cabe on). Our present level is a fine one.*
*Not the final, for sure. We continually learn more and more.*
 St: --That the brain is computable means only that the physics determining the
brain's observable behaviour can be simulated by a computer with an
arbitrarily large amount of memory. But nothing is implied about the
technical feasibility of this.--

*The BRAIN?? was it ever justified how mentality is generated BY the brain?
 I asked lots of questions, about topically slanted (colored??) mAmps or
meaning-carrying blood-flows, even idea-loaded astrocytes(?), or those
'codes' (?) said applicable when retrieving memories (stored allegedly by
those same configurational codes) - I got no reply. *
*And you emphasised "OBSERVABLE" (meaning as of today).*
*I call the brain a tool, which - of course - can be simulated on a
suitable computer. Your last phrase may even be my reply. "Science" still
lacks the guts to say "I dunno". Which may be  interfering with many new
discoveries contradicting the ' so far scientifically believed'. *


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