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> >> unlike psi it would be easily repeatable, if one person who claimed to
>> have a sense of humor laughed and said that was a very good joke it is
>> statistically very likely (although not certain) that another person who
>> also claimed to have a sense of humor would make the same noise,
> > Why? Do all people who have a good sense of humor laugh at the same
> jokes?

Pretty much, certainly the probability of hearing the sound of laughter is
much higher than you'd expect from pure randomness, otherwise it would be
impossible for professional comedians to make a living. There are
professional  fortune tellers but they make their living by fooling the
stupid not mother nature. If psi is a real phenomenon I don't understand
why state lotteries nevertheless consistently manage make money.

>> a hard problem theory doesn't have to actually do anything, but a easy
>> problem theory most certainly does. Any hard problem theory will work just
>> fine, any at all,
> > For example?

Only one thing in the universe can produce consciousness, the left big toe
on a size 12 foot. This theory is perfectly consistent with everything I
have ever observed about consciousness. By the way, I happen to ware size
12 shoes and still have 10 toes.

> Building 100ft sculptures of people's cats out of toothpicks would be
> devilishly hard


> > and profitable too.


> Why does that matter?

Beats the hell out of me.

> I don't see a contest between the easy and hard problem

If you have 2 problems to solve you don't see the value of solving the easy
one first and then using the wisdom gained from that solution to solve the
harder problem?

> Everything seems to boil down to some variation of 'My assumptions are
> justified because winners win with winning assumptions, and winning always
> wins... and don't forget the winning.'

Very well put.

  John K Clark

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