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        Le me add some meat here

    Nah.  It's just your wishful thinking that everybody has to believe in God.

        We can not reduce the concept of God to a boring principle that we need 
to put
        somewhere. Like a ugly furniture inherited from the grand-parents which 
for its
        sentimental value we have to keep and locate somewhere, so that the 
        visits show that you are a well educated and respectful person. God is 
like the
        refligerator. if you drop the old one, you need another.

    That will come as a shock to ten million atheists in the U.S. as well as 
those in
    Europe where they constitute a plurality of religious opinion.

Dear Brent, Seriously: Atheism is a group of related religions. An atheist when hear his favourite author fire the same neurons that are fired when the most religious hear his televangelist: A group of ecologist hearing Al Gore have similar experiences than when a group of nuns hear the Pope.

Patently false, since if you ask one of the ecologists what Al Gore said you will get a different answer than if you ask one of the nuns what the Pope said.

If you dont´t accept that same physical phenomena in the brain are associated with the same mental experiences then we have a problem.

You have a problem because above you just assert that the same physical phenomena were produced in two different brains by two different experiences.

The same physical and mental phenomena can not be two nor three different things. There is a common circuitry in the brain that is working in a church, in a foatball match,, in a concert in the fans of a rock band.

And there's a similar blood supply and all the same kinds of atoms and molecules. But there's also something different, otherwise the ecologist and nun would give the same report.

in the discourse of a totalitarian dictator. Therefore is a single phenomenon with different names. We can not have a circuit for rock concerts, other for admiring a leader, other for the Pope. Other for Carlos Marx. One for God and another for holding the super-ego that repeat in our mid the words of of our dead father. or another circuit that make us to remember with stasis that famous scientist that we try to emulate. Do you understand?

I understand you're trying to slip by an obviously fallacious argument that since two different things can evoked similar emotions they must be the same thing.

The atheist like any other person is subject to the same laws of any other religion. It can be a firm believer, or unbeliever, nihilist or exceptic about dialectic materialism or the global warming. It can be comforted for their strength of his principles or repudiated by their fellows for their doubt about the core beliefs in the same way that a Muslim can experience the same about Allah.

No, an atheist is person who doesn't believe theism, the religion that claims there is an all powerful supernatural person who created the world, who rewards and punishes, and answers prayers. If religions were TV channels then atheism would be OFF.

"Atheism leaves a man to sense, to philosophy, to natural
piety, to laws, to reputation;  all of which may be guides
to an outward moral virtue, even if religion vanished; but
religious superstition dismounts all these and erects an
absolute monarchy in the minds of men."
   --- Francis Bacon

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