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> Consider God, a word for Mind

OK, I have a mind therefore I am God.

I said it before I'll say it again, for some strange reason that is unknown to me many people are willing to abandon the idea of God but not the word G-O-D. Those letters and in that sequence (DOG just will not do) MUST be preserved and it doesn't matter what it means.

GOD means the reality in which you believe. It is, imo, a bit more neutral than "Universe", which is the third Aristotelian God, and which does not belong to what constitutes the "being" for the Platonist. Since about 1500 years, the term "God" has acquired many christian cultural colors, but there is no reason to identify God with the God-father of Christian "theory". God has no name, in many theologies, so all terms to designate it can only be a fuzzy pointer. Tao is not bad, as it has many similar qualities than the abramanic god, but with a less "person" feature. I use the term God to designate whatever transcend us and is responsible for our existence. With comp, I am open to the idea that (arithmetical) truth can play that role, and this is exploited in the arithmetical interpretation of Plotinus 'neoplatonism'.



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