Does energy obey the laws of materialism ?

Energy presents us with an argument against materialism,
(or at least materialism as I understand it) since is conserved, 
regardess of form or  physical location. Thus the electrical energy created 
in a generating station at one location can be transported down
a copper wire to a house miles away. It will seem to lose some
value due to the heating by resistance in the wire, but
that is merely a conversion of electrical to heat energy and 
the total is maintained. But all of this occurs over a range
of locations, not in a single body of material.

Similarly in a pendulum clock, there is a continual conversion of 
energy from potential energy to kinetic energy and back
again, but some nonphysical marker outside of spacetime keeps the 
total constant.


I would say that the nonphysical marker outside of the physical
world is mental energy, or the idea of energy, and it is this (a 
nonphysical idea rather than a physical quantity) that is actually
maintained. Leibniz in his Idealism gives a similar account to the 
transfer of "momentum" between colliding bodies, maintaining,
quite reasonably, that momentum is an idea rather than a thing. 
In other words, there is no such physical thing as momentum, only
the idea of momentum. 

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Are you saying that energy is non physical?
Dan G
On 1/18/2013 5:06 PM, Cass Silva wrote:

Either way it is still non physical - it is energy and remains energy.
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