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Socratus, are you able to doubt that physics is the fundamental science?


In Physics we trust.
/ Tarun Biswas /
Of course, it is correct, because only Physics can logically
explain us the Existence and the Ultimate Nature of Reality.


The UDA shows that if the brain works like a machine, then this is definitely not the case. Physics assumes (primitive) physical objects, like particles, or waves, or space, or spin, or strings, or forces, etc.

Why do you think that all this might not been explained, for example as an illusion in some arithmetical matrix. After all, we know that arithmetic does emulate, in the mathematical original sense, all computations, and thus all subjective experiences, ...

But . . . but . . .
. . .  . .
‘ . . .science is not always as objective as we would like to
/ Book: The holographic universe. Page 6. By Michael Talbot. /
Because  as Einstein said:
“ One thing I have learned in a long life:
that all our science, measured against reality,
is primitive and childlike –
and yet it is the most precious thing we have.”
‘   . . . all our science, measured against reality, is primitive and

Quite wise statements indeed. But is that not a reason to be cautious with general statement like you did above in the Biswas quote ?



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