Richard, a very good paper you have there. The Mindspace recording  
mechanism you invoked sounds exactly like the Hindu akashic records feature to  
their religion. For people like myself, you'd need to expand on the particular  
physics of the recording, such as what is analogous to the read-write head, 
and  what is analogous to disk memory? Yes, indeed, as the Japanese 
expression goes:  "To a hammer, everything in the world looks like a nail." But 
would be  helpful to see the How of the Recording might physically occur?
Are Leibniz's monads emerging from a virtual space, a phase space, a  
Platonian great beyond? Are these monads conscious, semi-consciousness waiting 
brain to actualize them? It sounds also like not only Tegmark, but 
Beckenstein,  with the Beckenstein Bound (1 x 10^120). How could or does 
intelligence make use  of this aspect of the universe, if it at all can? Its a 
bit like 
Stephen Wolfram  thinking, he can re-create the knowledge of unknown 
extra-terrrestial life, if  we, but merely, compute it properly, and extract 
useful data. Wolfram  has not spoken at all on this, since he made his 
conjecture over ten years ago.  Perhpas it was a bit of flipancy on his part?
Very good paper(s) at your site, indeed. Thanks.

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