Hi tintner michael  and Albert Cororna,

I am accused of wasting peoples' time by constantly posting
here and elsewhere on the subject of Leibniz.

I do that because people are already wasting their time 
by posting totally impossible views on what mind is or what consciousness is,
supposedly the chief topics on these sites.

Why ?  The current model of the mind or brain
has no subject, only a description of a subject such as "subject".
which is not subjective but objective because it can be located in spacetime
and described in words.

You need a living, nonphysical, subjective subject. In fact life also needs a 
living subject.
The same as is reading this paragraph.

Why ? Consciousness is bipolar, consisting of a 
pair, a true living subject looking at  a spactime physical object.

Only Kant and Leibniz take this criticism seriously, and of them, only Leibniz
does it specifically.

Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (ret.) [1/1/2000]
See my Leibniz site at

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Subject: [Mind and Brain] Re: Why life is impossible to understand in 
thematerialistic model of e 

>I suspect this is a matter of perspective. 
>You're assuming that the current materialistic model is the only possible 
>such model, rather than merely an "early evolution" model of materialism. 
>Science is still looking at the world as materialistic pieces/parts. It 
>does not yet have a true holistic, integrated materialistic model of the 
>world, which understands how the parts fit together to form wholes. It 
>doesn't understand "self" - how the living machine that is a human being 
>can continuously configure and reconfigure its body as very 
>different wholes -  how a Peter Sellers can assume a myriad 
>roles/personalities/bodies. It doesn't understand the mechanics of 
>evolution - how bodies can be "reconfigured"/transformed into radically 
>different forms other bodies. 
>This is not surprising. So far we have only created machines that are 
>"production lines" of parts - basically Rube Goldberg lines of parts moving 
>each other like lines of dominoes. We haven't created - have barely 
>conceived of - machines that are truly integrated wholes like living 
>When we start acquiring holistic materialistic models, I suspect your 
>problems/objections will disappear. 

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