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> Hi Craig
> am saying that the ontology of desire is impossible under strong
> determinism. Deterministic and random processes cannot possibly produce
> desire - not because desire is special, but because it doesn't make any
> sense. You are talking about putting in a gas pedal on a bowling ball.
> I think I can meet you half way and agree that in a determined universe
> wants, desires and anxieties would be futile. They wouldn't make sense from
> an adaptive point of view.

That's no more true for a determined universe than it is for a
non-determined universe.

> But I'm not convinced they make no logical sense. For example they could be
> epiphenomena coming along for the ride, unnecessarily colouring the
> unraveling of pre-written events.
> The determined universe might be inefficient, if you like, carrying along
> with it baggage that isn't really used. The wants and anxieties would be
> implied by the universe's initial conditions and not everything in those
> conditions need be functional. I don't see a logical contradiction there.
> All the best.

If it were possible to have the same behaviour without consciousness
then consciousness would not have evolved - there would be no adaptive
value to it. That is one reason why I think consciousness must be a
necessary side-effect of intelligent behaviour, at least in organic
machines such as we are.

Stathis Papaioannou

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