On 9/2/2013 8:50 PM, Dennis Ochei wrote:

No matter how complex a system is, it can never be complex enough to contain itself, and is therefore unable to perceive itself directly as a deterministic process. Only in the special cases, where the major causes of its action are made apparent, such as when someone holds a gun to its head, will it realize that it is acting in compulsion and not freedom. In other cases, when the desire to act comes about in a subtle fashion, the system might say to itself, I did x because I wanted to do x, and I could have wanted to do y. The system may be satisfied with such an explanation, without probing into a complete physical description of what constitutes wanting. Since the causal explanation is not easily available or comprehensible (it arose out of the particular and peculiar interaction of many subunits of the system in question), the system settles with the explanation that it acted freely and could have done otherwise. This is how an eight cylinder engine mistakes itself for something which is the specific opposite of engines.

Good explanation. Craig has failed to absorb the dictum of Schopenhauer: "Der Mensh Kann wohl tun, was er will, aber er kann nicht wollen, was er will."


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