On Monday, September 2, 2013 2:11:05 PM UTC-4, Brent wrote:
>  On 9/2/2013 7:34 AM, chris peck wrote:
> The study you're citing firstly claims the 60% of the variance they 
> uncovered is explained by 'spontaneous' brain activity not 60% of all brain 
> activity. More importantly, by spontaneous they just mean brain activity 
> that has not been triggered by external stimuli:
> And how could they possibly know whether some brain event was triggered by 
> a stored perception of you grandmother when you were five?� All they can 
> say is it wasn't triggered by a *present* external stimuli.

Yes, that's true of course, but 

1) 60% is a lot of stored perceptions triggering themselves for no reason.
2) The spontaneous activity is associated with behavioral changes. Kind of 
an odd thing for an archive of stored data to do independently of external 

We should ask, at what point do *present* stimuli go dormant, and of how 
long, before they spontaneously (non-spontaneously) resurface as something 
that looks exactly like free will would look? We should not expect that 
free will can be proved to any greater extent than this.

Again, if we were dealing with something which we knew for a fact had no 
intention or creativity, then sure, what the study shows is only that we 
don't know where 60% of the activity is coming from, so maybe it is just 
housekeeping or scheduled tasks running, or whatever. Since we do have a 
sense that there is a difference between behavior that is intentional, 
accidental, coerced, and subconsciously driven, and that those categories 
are distinct, it would be absurdly unscientific and biased to rule out this 
rather large footprint in the brain as belonging to our own shoe.


> Brent

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