On 9/20/2013 8:49 PM, Chris de Morsella wrote:

>>The way to completely avoid Landauer's limit is to make all operations reversible, never lose any information so that the whole calculation could be reversed. Then there's no entropy dumped to the environment and Landauer's limit doesn't apply.

Intriguing thought, but hard to see how it could be done. Not sure I understand what you mean by a reversible operation and how would a fully reversible universe square with causality

It squares just fine. Newtonian physics modeled the universe as a perfect clockwork that could run either way. Which was cause and which was effect was just a convention: effect is later than cause. Feynman already wrote about making quantum computers reversible 30yrs ago:



... unless of course causality is a side effect of some other deeper process that we experience as the irreversible vector of time. But at least within the universe we experience, some processes are not reversible. In order to unwind a transaction a log is required and a log requires the recording of information, which requires space. When the log runs out of room then what happens? Without erasure memory will run out.

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