On 01 Oct 2013, at 18:10, Craig Weinberg wrote:

Bruno's UDA eventually removes the requirement for a copy being
primitively real. That's one of the things that impressed me about the
argument. I think your position requires that you find a way to refute
the UDA.

I think that it does so by taking the need for a concrete universe for granted. It's a leak in UDA's philosophical vacuum. We can explain away the reality of realism, but what of the expectation of realistic qualities? Such an expectation would surely be ground to dust as each dust-mite's belch demands an infinity of universes to house its permutations and interactions. Where would a quality of realism arise from? Why is it something we need to explain away?

You are the one treating my sun in law like he was a zombie. Like if you knew, and could put away what he might be feeling.

Comp explain away matter, perhaps, not consciousness and mind. UDA starts from it, and AUDA recover it by listening to the machines, and already not treating them as zombie.

You are the one having a reductionist view of what machines can and cannot do, and seem to ignore that their relative representations are only the gates through which consciousness can differentiate. Our first person are, mathematically, not computable nor duplicable from our perspective, but we are 3-multiplied in the extreme, and the waves comes from that competition, below our sharable substitution level.

And there is math tools here so we can and will progress.



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