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> *
> Presumption of repeatability* (PR) - By overlooking the possibility of
> absolute uniqueness, comp must conceive of all events as locally documented
> stereotypes of a Platonic template rather than true originals. This
> contradicts our intuitions about the proprietary nature of identity and
> would seem to counterfactually predict a very low interest in qualities
> such as individuality and originality, and identification with trivial
> personal preferences. Of course, what we see the precise opposite, as all
> celebrity it propelled by some suggestion unrepeatability and the fine
> tuning of lifestyle choices is arguably the most prolific and successful
> feature of consumerism.

I think the answer to this is that most people don't know about comp, and
have no idea that their experiences are the product of an infinite sheaf of
identical computations. (Also, since the computations are identical, they
are experienced as a single unique moment, giving the appearance that every
moment we experience is unique - cue "tears in the rain" speech). Hence
even if comp does imply that  one shouldn't value originality (which I
can't see myself) there is no reason *within most people's knowledge* that
would lead them not to do so.

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