On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 04:48:42AM +0200, Platonist Guitar Cowboy wrote:
> Disclaimer: No idea if I am even on the same planet on which this
> discussion is taking place. So pardon my questions and confusions:

You and me both - we're all students here :).

I'm just rather doubtful about an axiomatisation of proof that assumes
we can prove that we can prove something, as with that we can know
that we (Theatetically) know something (since truth is usually
inherently unknowable).

It reminds me of a 3 year old's question "but why?" Ultimately, you
will not be able to answer a question like that.

It is quite possible I haven't drunk enough Kool-Aid.

Question for Bruno (raised from PGC's earlier comments):

  Is axiom 4, ie  []p -> [][]p, called a fixed point theorem?



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