On 22 Oct 2013, at 17:23, Stephen Lin wrote:

Without coaching anyway assume an answer. Trust me, it really is on- optic; it has something to do with a supercomputer.

Annywy, here does: Give that I am Neo, is it possible for me to bot attended and not addending the wedding of Tim Lee and Jess Han without actually doing it, such that Tim Lee becomes reborn as Wakka?

It''s actually a good question, but if you have no idea what it means, Try not to embarrass yourself by thinking you know. It has to with the fact that I think we converge the same person in the end which becomse our own beginning. Unfortunatley, sometimes we lose track of where we started or where you're spposed to do...

HaHa, yes there is a bit of something like with some consciousness state, and it makes sense with comp.

It is a recurring theme on this list, the number of persons: 0?, 1?, Many?

There is a part of that problem which is personal.

With comp no need of supercomputer, elementary arithmetic is enough (with paper, pencil and coffee or better). We might play with supercomputers, but that might only perpetuate the Samsara.

But may be (probably) I completely missed your message, so either clarify, or don't mind to much what I say.


"What, you ask, was the beginning of it all?

And it is this ...
Existence that multiplied itself
For sheer delight of being
And plunged into numberless trillions of forms
So that it might
Innumerably" (Aurobindo)


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