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Look, I hope global warming is not that serious, because if it is,
it's game over. Big government is most definitely not going to solve
it. I think you know this too. There isn't a magical point where to
government gets so big that it starts doing the right thing. If it's
very small, at least there's less opportunity for the already
ultra-rich to further their interests with our tax-money, like they do
at the moment.

There is however a point at which a problem gets so big that even
politicians realise they should do something about it, for their own sakes.
But if the global warming models are correct, that is already too
late. If I understand the most common models correctly, it _is_
already too late.

Why don't you read what the IPCC reports actually say. It's too late keep CO2 below 450ppm. It's too late to prevent a temperature rise of 2degC. That doesn't mean it's too late to save civilization.


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