On 16 November 2013 10:07, John Clark <johnkcl...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Straw man my ass, environmentalists never met a energy source they didn't
> hate. Wind farms are ugly, disrupt wind patterns are noisy and kill
> birdies. Geothermal smells bad and causes earthquakes. Hydroelectric floods
> the land and new dams may also cause earthquakes. Bio-fuel diverts needed
> food production to fuel. Solar energy is so dilute that vast tracks of land
> are needed and that will endanger a desert lizard you never heard of. And
> of course there is the "N" word, the energy source so hated that tree
> huggers dare not speak its name. I however sometimes take the heretical
> view that the environmentalist's preferred solution to this problem,
> freezing to death in the dark, may not be ideal.

So what do you call me, someone who is worried about the environment but
mainly because of the effects destroying it will have on humanity, who is
prepared to embrace all forms of alternative power including nuclear if
that will save us, and who thinks the best solution for the human race is
to improve our technolgy asap, and to whom the idea of returning to the
"golden age" of no dentistry and droit de signeur is an abiding dread?

A "person hugger" ?

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