Telmo wrote:

*"I admire the US constitution too. In fact, my political position
isessentially to follow it (although I like to imagine possibilities
world with further increases in freedom)*."

Which Constitution? the one epoch-opening chef-d'oeuvre based on modernized
medieval ideas of those well educated smoking-duelling slave-owner male
chauvinist Forefathers,
who just did not want to pay taxes to the King of England, or the later
"amended" versions of the same obsolete construct making it into a
gun-toting killer - corrupt, faith-ruled money-monger (with SOME
exceptions, thank you).

 I join you in admiring the original one - as a relic, an innovation
historical masterpiece FOR THE 18th CENTURY. Not for the 21st.
My admiration stopped short when I realized the outcome:
a 'special-interest money'-ruled anti-democratic conglomerate,
*governing*a so called government into committing crimes
(international and domestic)
originally excluded
from it's 'modus (regulatio) vivendi'.

How can you imagine a 'peaceful' world with capitalistic (I call it:
econo-feudalistic) principles, imperialistic (oil?) wars and forcing own
interest on other countries? (Not to
mention the availability of all level governance for enough money).


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