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We were both a little drunk, but he was serious.  I asked if the blob of
> metal had been tracked in orbit?  Zwicky said it was too small to track by
> radar.  So then I asked how they knew it entered orbit.  He said they knew
> because telemetry from the second stage rocket showed that it had fired the
> shaped charge at the right altitude and right direction.
> I had not recalled this for many years; the party was in 1963.  Consulting
> the internet (which remembers everything, many of which actually happened)
> I find that Zwicky wrote a paper about these experiments which differs
> somewhat from my recollection.
> http://calteches.library.caltech.edu/1801/1/zwicky.pdf

 That is seriously impressive, even if it was slightly after Sputnik as it
turns out, he was still first to launch something at above escape velocity,
so those pellets are presumably still orbiting the Sun.

PS Another 50th anniversary (of your party). They are coming thick and fast
at the moment, 1963 was a rather momentous year it seems.

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