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What is subjective is the appreciation, or not, of the term "theology", and that is subjective indeed, but it could also be related to "strategy". My difference with Quentin is on that point. But I have already hidden the wording "theology" for a long time, and that strategy did not really worked, and so I come back to the usual method of choosing word: using the word the most applied by those in the fields or appreciating the subject.

But have you really? Are your papers read and appreciated in the theology departments of great universities? or in the physics departments?

It is better appreciated in the biology department (and by few logicians). Biologists seems quite open despite they want to use UDA as a proof that comp is false, or even that CT is false, and are annoyed that comp points on Everett and multi-realities, and that physicists are actually debating that kind of things. Today, *many* people still believe ("religiously") in the existence and unicity of a physical primitive universe.

Theologian and physicists might ignore too much of contemporary logic. But I should make some try. Logicians are mostly unconsciously positivist, and like Bruno Poizat said: they hate nothing more than metaphysics.

Comp is interdiciplinary, and technical, which makes everyone unhappy with it. 
It is normal.

I notice that you did not mention any interest at all from departments of 


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