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>  On 12/17/2013 7:32 PM, LizR wrote:
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>>   On 12/17/2013 3:40 PM, LizR wrote:
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>>>   The first step has to be to stop population growth.  That's pretty
>>> much happened in all the OECD nations, except the U.S. and it would be the
>>> case there too except for immigration from the south.  How to stop
>>> population growth: *educate women* so they can lead meaningful lives aside
>>> from bearing children and provide readily available birth control; and get
>>> rid of Catholicism, Mormonism, and any other religion preaches against
>>> birth control.
>>>  That is exactly how to stop population growth. Wherever women are
>> given equal rights the birth rate drops dramatically (if they are forced to
>> choose between children and a career, it drops precipitously - the places
>> that get the balance right allow you to do both).
>>  I think it takes education too.  There's a high birthrate among teenage
>> latina girls in CA and I think it's just because culturally motherhood is
>> the only adult endeavor that's presented to them.
>>  "Equal rights" includes education, of course.
> Those latinas have equal rights and the same access to education - but
> they don't take advantage of the opportunity.  I'm saying it's necessary
> that women be educated; not just that they have a right to it.  I think WW2
> did a lot for population control in the U.S. simply because so many women
> were placed in "men's" jobs during the war.  My mother, born 1914, didn't
> want to be a farm wife and she felt her only choices were nurse and
> schoolteacher. She became a teacher and started in a two-room country
> school when she was 19.  My daughters are a physicist, an industrial safety
> statistician, and a water quality monitor.
> OK, I can see that I have to spell out what I'm saying. I tried to
shorthand it as "equal rights" (and "fair trade") which taken broadly comes
to what you're saying, but if you're going to insist on nitpicking each
detail, I guess I can't post in haste and expect to be understood. So due
to time constraints I will ignore the rest of what youv'e said here until
later, much as I would like to respond to it, and answer this one point.

Yes, obviously a "right" to education, if interpretted narrowly enough,
isn't going to be any help. My kids would probably spend most of their time
not being educated if that was an option, which would be a terrible waste
of potential. So yes, I was actually talking about the whole shebang,
education, rights, opportunities, respect, fairness, and not being treated
like an idiot.

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