Also, part of the joke is the hubris / chutzpah of the interviewee, who is
attempting to parlay a degree (or whatever it is) in comparative literature
into a job at CERN (or wherever it is).

On 22 December 2013 08:55, LizR <> wrote:

> On 22 December 2013 04:56, Craig Weinberg <> wrote:
>> On Thursday, December 19, 2013 8:24:55 PM UTC-5, Liz R wrote:
>>> The unexpected surprise is the jump up the "reductionist food chain" in
>>> the last frame.
>> Right, but its only surprising because there is something that we expect
>> to be irreducible which is being reduced.
> Not quite, I think it's simply the distance involved that causes the
> frisson. If he'd started with, say, history it wouldn't have been terribly
> funny to have worked his way to comparative literature. If he'd *started*from 
> neuroscience (rather than being interrupted there) and gone via say
> psychology and a few other things to c.l., even that wouldn't have worked.

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