Yes, you are absolutely correct it depends on the universe being a logical 
structure. That 2nd fundamental Axiom is in my book on Reality also. 
However there is overwhelming evidence for that...

You slightly misunderstand my statement that 'there is no need for a 
creation event'. Of course it is clear the big bang occurred but that was 
not a creation event so much as an actualization event out of a state of 
existence similar to a generalized quantum vacuum which existed 'prior' (in 
single quotes since there was no clock time then so prior is misleading in 
that sense) to the big bang and in fact must have always existed and still 
exists as the substrate, or logical space of reality, in which the 
information of the actualized universe continually computes its current 

Hope that clarifies things... Never fear, I agree with you and the 
astronomers there was a big bang!


On Wednesday, December 25, 2013 10:05:34 AM UTC-5, Edgar L. Owen wrote:
> All,
> As I state in my book on Reality in Part I: Fundamentals, Existence MUST 
> exist because non-existence canNOT exist. That is why there was never a 
> nothing out of which something appeared. Therefore there is no need for a 
> creator nor a creation event. The very notion is illogical and 
> impossible....
> This is the solution to the most basic of philosophical/scientific 
> questions: Why is there something rather than nothing?
> This is the fundamental self-necessitating axiom of Reality upon which all 
> else is based. It is the bottom turtle in the stack!
> Edgar

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