On 27 December 2013 08:36, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:

>  On 12/26/2013 4:49 AM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:
> Hi Jason,
>  The STc Principle conclusively falsifies block time, since the fact that
> everything continually travels through spacetime all the time requires
> everything to be at one particular position in spacetime all the time. This
> is confirmed by direct experience, that we are always at a single point in
> spacetime. How could it be otherwise? The notion of block time is based on
> a misunderstanding of SR.
>  Believers in block time need to offer an alternative explanation (than
> the one I give above) for the self-evident fact that we all experience our
> existence in a common present moment which they are unable to do.
> How do you know we experience our existence in a common present moment?
> LizR in New Zealand is some tens of milliseconds away from me in
> California.  If we try to synchronize our clocks we will have to assume
> we're not moving relative to one another, i.e. that we are in the same
> inertial frame.  If we were moving relative to one another the
> synchronization will be different.

We are in fact moving relative to each other, possibly by several 100 km/hr
(my visualisation is a bit shaky, even though I have a handy globe...)

If I pick someone at the antipodes, and say we're both on the equator, they
are moving at the same speed as me in the opposite direction (relative to
the Earth's centre) which in this case is about 1000 m.p.h. so our combined
relative velocity is around 2000 m.p.h.

Excuse me I have to lie down for a moment.

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