On 07 Jan 2014, at 17:47, Ali Polatel wrote:

Can fact exist beyond the dimensions of perception?

In most theories.

Does ${this} question make sense or does it not?

It does make sense.

If it does not, does the reason lie somewhere between the words which make up the question below?

Does ${this} bypass or violate the definition of the concepts used in ${this} question?

It does not. Not necessarily.

Arithmetic is full of propositions like that.

No matter the reason, provided there is no sense involved,
what is the difference between ${this} question and ${this} new question?

Where is Wittgenstein when you need a beer?

But you should define what is the difference between two questions.

Knowing that the difference between fiction and reality is 18, and that fiction is 42, what is reality? (Hint: Ramanujan)

To cut it short, I am questioning the implementation of the new() function
when the argument is self. Is infinite recursion a limitation of the
aforementioned finite dimensions of perception?

I would say it is not a limitation, quite contrary, it is a powerful tool. The "self" is were computer science excels the most.

Or, does sense leave the bar when I get tired counting the dimensions?

I would say the contrary. Sense will stay in the bar as long as you don't count too much.
Take care of the sense, and the sounds will counts themselves up.

(Even if that means she is denying herself all the hope of me buying the next round.)

It is easier to count the beers than the dimensions, except perhaps after some amount of beers.
All is in Moderation, Self-Moderation and the Middle Avenue :)

Happy new year!

Happy new year Ali!



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