On 10 January 2014 13:19, Jesse Mazer <laserma...@gmail.com> wrote:

Locality is preserved so long as no physical objects travel faster than
> light.
>> I don't think physicists use such a narrow definition--if the equations
> of QM were modified so that the EPR experiment could be used to transmit
> *information* FTL, then even if no measurable particle or wave was observed
> to move FTL this would still probably be seen as a violation of locality.
> And the pilot wave in Bohmian mechanics is arguably just a sort of rule for
> coordinating the behavior of distant particles rather than a "physical
> object", but its ability to coordinate them instantaneously is typically
> seen as a violation of locality. Unfortunately I have not been able to find
> any very precise definition of locality that would give a totally clear
> answer about cases like this, it tends to be stated in terms of imprecise
> terms like "effects" and "influences".
> Yes, sorry, I was tacitly assuming that information can only be
transmitted by physical objects (including by light). I don't think there
is any good evidence for any influences *not* being transmitted by some
sort of fundamental particle? (Even gravity - which also travels at c, I

Time-symmetry arguments don't involve ANY influences travelling FTL.

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