On 15 January 2014 09:23, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Brent,
> Of course not. Characters in video games are not real. They know nothing,
> and have zero consciousness.
> Do you think Santa Claus is real and knows things and is conscious? I
> can't believe you'd even ask such a dumb question....

It was based on your assertion that  "Again, you are making the mistake of
thinking consciousness is some single state that things either have or
don't have. There is actually a continuous non-linear spectrum from a
thermostat through a mars rover through all biological organisms to a human
and possibly beyond."

A character in a video game has more intelligence and awareness of its
surroundings than a thermostat. So if it's a dumb question, it's based on
your dumb claim.

Also you are a thoroughly rude and unpleasant person (and going by comments
like the above, a rather stupid one).

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